Land Transport

Land Transport

We offer a wide range of modern Transport Vehicles for hthe Land Transport Requirements. With an in-house workshop facility & a team of mechanics for all kind of service and repairs, we ensure that the downtime is kept to a minimum during unexpected breakdowns.

Following are the range of transport vehicels we offer now.

Tipper Truck

Make: Mercedez

Capacity: 20 Cub. M, 30 Tons


Tipper Trailer

Make: Mercedez/ Scania

Capacity: 45 Cub. M, 75 Tons


Low Bed Trailer

Make: Mercedez/ Scania

Capacity: 3 Axel, 80 Ton, 10M length



Flat Bed Trailer

Make: Mercedez/ Scania

Capacity: 40FT 2 Axel, 40 Ton, 12M length


Water Bowser

Sweet Water Bowser, 5000 Gallons
Salt Water Bowser, 5000 Gallons

HAIB Grab Crane Trailer

Capacity: 7 &10 Tons


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